David Calderwood is the President and founder of VMS and has over 30 years of mechanical experience. David is also the service writer and head technician. He has set the standards that we follow here to ensure you get the highest quality repair and best experience possible.

Jack McLaughlin is a service writer and technician. Jack has been with the company for 5 years and has 10 years of experience including a degree in automotive technology. Jack has followed in the footsteps of Dave is constantly working to make sure the quality of your repair is second to none. Jack is also a member of the Army Reserves and holds the rank of Sergeant, and is fluent in sign language from his upbringing in a deaf household.

Dan Muecke is our lead technician. He has been with VMS a little over a year. He has 9 years of professional experience and several more of personal experience since he was kid working on his three wheeler with his dad. He never backs down from a challenge and¬†there hasn’t been a problem he hasn’t been able to solve.